Empowering Future Leaders for Ministry


SAGU has partnered with Impact Ministry College to offer an accredited Associate Degree in Church Ministries. All coursework is completed online through Southwestern Assemblies of God University School of Distance Education. SAGU uses Blackboard for course delivery. For online lectures, SAGU uses Tegrity technology to stream synchronized video, audio and PowerPoint visuals for each lecture. Much of the instruction between professors and students takes place through course lectures. The format of each course varies, but all courses are web-based and have a bulletin board to foster dialog among students and professors. 

Distance Education allows you to:

  • Save assignments to your computer and upload them for grading

  • Communicate with professors and students through an online discussion board

  • Complete exams and quizzes online

  • View video lectures

  • Download PowerPoint notes for lectures

  • Access 24/7 technical support


  •  Discounted tuition

  •  94% of SAGU students receive Federal Financial Aid

  •  Over 50% off of SAGU tuition

  •  SAGU will waive their general fees

  •  Accredited degrees

  •  Internship Credit

  •  Hands-on Learning

A.A. Church Min Highlights

  • Students will understand the purpose and structure of the local church.

  • Students will .

  • Students will meet the requirements to enter into a related bachelor's degree program.

  • Students will complete the required coursework necessary for obtaining ministerial credentials.

To view the course layout for the AA degree in
Church Ministries, please


Housing options for the students are varied and depend on the student and their current situation. 

  • They can stay at home if they are at a comfortable driving distance.  

  • They can stay with friends or family in the area.

  • They can rent a room or an apartment.

  • They could look at a possible home host through one of our local churches.

We are happy to help with any of the possible options.


SAGU Tuition

$270 per credit hour


$300 per semester (estimate)

Administration Fee

$350 per semester

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